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The “Hidden Maintenance Cost” of setting up home solar panels is Really Pricey!


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  • The “Hidden Maintenance Cost” of setting up home solar panels is Really Pricey!

If you listen to us, Vestech Energy Home solar panels are not at all expensive. For what it's worth, your wise investment ensures that your next generation will live in a better, greener future.

A Solar system, if designed and installed correctly, is almost maintenance free, unlike standard machinery equipment, which needs frequent maintenance and repairs. Our team has a lot of experience maximising the performance of solar energy facilities through an O&M service contract. By hiring our O&M service, you can be sure that the equipment's warranty maintenance needs, such as those for inverters, will be met in accordance with the specifications set forth by the manufacturer.

The Price

Cleaning the panels and inspecting the mounting structures are the two main components of standard maintenance. Our sincere service is to make sure your panels are always in top shape so that maximum utilization can occur.

Depending on the system size, maintenance costs vary by visit. For instance, depending on the local air quality, maintenance costs for common residential solar PV system sizes between 4kWp and 15kWp will range from RM400 to RM650 every two to three years.

Including These Advantages

All of the following will be examined during the scheduled maintenance visit:

Solar Panel

  • Clean the panels if required only;
  • visual examination of modules to ensure they are not cracked or otherwise harmed;
  • assist in determining whether the manufacturer's warranty covers the damaged module;
  • Ensure that modules are mounted to the panel mount securely;
  • Look for any signs of damage on the modules, connectors, and conduits.

Switchboard, Inverter, and Cable for Electrical

  • Electrical and structural integrity checks of solar PV systems. This entails inspecting the wiring for functional electrical contacts, inverter performance, and electrical output;
  • Visual inspection of the internal electrical components and the AC/DC switchboard;
  • Verify that the tightness of all cable terminals.

Solar Array Framework

  • Check the module panel mount closely for any indications of corrosion or damage;
  • The mounting bolts should be examined to make sure they are tight, secure, and unharmed by corrosion;
  • Verify that all hardware connected to the array structure is stable and devoid of any corrosion, damage, or abuse;
  • Verify the array structure's bonding to the site building's lightning protection system is proper. Check cables for evidence of chafing that could result in insulation damage;
  • make sure all cables are securely fastened. In case of need, repair and substitute. Testing of the earth loop in accordance with local regulations.

System Analysis and Report

  • Download performance information for the PV system;
  • Create reports on system performance based on data analysis.
  • The hallmark of Vestech Energy Solar service is prudent planning for solar power installation and maintenance.

If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us or through Live Chat. We would be more than happy to share our knowledge with you regarding solar power costs, installation costs, and anything else you may be interested in learning about!


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