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How and Why the Government Wants Us to Use More Energy-Efficient Equipment


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  • How and Why the Government Wants Us to Use More Energy-Efficient Equipment

The amount of electricity we consume on a daily basis is a major source of concern given its impact on the environment. Being energy efficient is one method to reduce the amount of energy we consume in this way.

Energy efficiency entails lowering the amount of energy necessary to power manufacturing facilities, houses, commercial buildings, cars, and other structures. Energy-efficient equipment has the same output as typical equipment but consumes less energy.

Homes and commercial buildings in the United States of America consume up to 40% of total energy output. In addition, the building industry is expanding swiftly, which causes its energy consumption to rise significantly.

Malaysia has energy development and sustainability issues, but the country has taken proactive steps to guarantee that energy development and sustainability are maximized. Considering its infancy, the effort is making significant progress. It is an important aspect of the economy since it meets our fundamental requirements in contemporary life and contributes to the nation's growth and development.

Asia-Link is a program that promotes energy sustainability. The Asia-Link programme is a European Commission effort to promote and disseminate knowledge on sustainably built environments with a near-zero energy approach. It includes integrating renewable energy technology into residential and commercial buildings, followed by the development of numerous energy-saving applications.

Malaysia's government is making a serious push to encourage more energy-efficient household appliances. In this essay, we'll look at why the government is taking on this mission.

1. Maintain a Clean Environment

One of the factors driving the energy-efficient equipment initiative is the need to maintain the environment clean and safe for everybody. Energy for houses is produced at power plants using fossil fuels, which pollute the environment negatively.

They may cause significant harm if not stopped, putting people's lives and the ecology at risk. Aside from solar energy, energy-efficient equipment is considered as the most cost-effective method of reducing carbon emissions.

To minimize dangerous chemical emissions from power plants that use fossil fuels for energy generation, the Malaysian government has implemented incentive programs to encourage the use of energy-efficient equipment in Malaysian households.

Using less energy means producing fewer toxic materials like sulphur and carbon dioxide, resulting in a cleaner environment for everyone.

2. Reduce Costs

It is apparent that employing high-energy equipment does not help keep energy expenditures down. The greater the electricity costs, the more energy utilized. That is one of the reasons why Malaysia's government is aggressively promoting energy-efficient products.

Choosing equipment that uses less energy is a sure-fire way to save money and use less energy without changing your daily routine.

3. Enhance the Global Economy

Energy production from natural resources reduces their supply, which has an effect on the world economy. As the supply of oil and natural gas decreases, their costs go up, putting a significant pressure on economies that rely largely on them.

We consume less natural resources when we employ energy efficiency products. As a result, their supply does not drop as rapidly, and economies that rely on them do not struggle to afford them. Furthermore, Malaysian households have become primary intention at utilizing energy effectively at home and in companies.

How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your House

There are several methods to incorporate energy-efficient goods into your house in Malaysia. With a few changes, you may save a lot of money on your electricity bills.

Here are some ideas for enhancing the energy efficiency in your home:

  • Air leaks around walls and floors should be sealed off with insulation.
  • Put in energy-saving doors and windows.
  • Set up solar energy panels.
  • Install programmable thermostats and motion sensors—there are energy management systems that may help us use energy only when it is needed.
  • Seal duct systems properly.
  • Improve the HVAC, ventilation, and lighting systems.
  • Improve the heating and cooling systems.
  • Use energy-saving light bulbs.
  • Use energy-saving appliances.
  • Get the advice of an energy-efficiency specialist.


Effective energy consumption may be achieved with the right improvements and strategies. In response to the Malaysian government's efforts to build and maintain energy efficiency, the people are encouraged to stick to the programs that have been set up.

The plan include keeping track of energy use, enhancing energy efficiency, utilizing renewable energy sources, and incorporating energy management systems into Malaysian residences, factories, office buildings, and other structures.


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