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What Can We Learn From Texas’s Electricity Blackouts?


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  • What Can We Learn From Texas’s Electricity Blackouts?

Texas was hit hard by a brutal winter storm earlier this year, resulting in a power outage. Many Texas people were forced to endure cold conditions without the assistance of a power source to run household appliances.

While temperatures in the single digits are not unusual in Texas, this year's storm was powerful enough to put a burden on power networks. Furthermore, this occurred in a state that takes great pride in its energy independence.

Why Were There Blackouts in Texas?

More than four million Texas households turned up their heaters as temperatures dropped. Increased power use which is typically observed exclusively during the summer, put a pressure on a power system with a producing capacity of around 67,000 watts (compared to its peak capacity of about 86,000 watts during summer).

Aside from the increased demand, the frigid temperatures put a strain on the gas supply pipes. Texas' power is generated by natural gas derived from fossil resources. The gas supply lines were ill-equipped for cold weather, enabling natural gas to freeze, resulting in under performance and the state's power being switched off.

'Every one of our power supply sources under performed.They are all vulnerable in different ways to extreme weather and climate disasters. None of them had been sufficiently weatherised or prepared for a wide range of weather and situations.' tweeted Daniel Cohan, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Rice University in Houston.

The state of Texas' power supply crisis has sparked issues about why solar energy has not yet been extensively accepted as an alternative energy source.

Why Is Renewable Energy a Good Energy Source?

For a variety of reasons, solar energy is an excellent solution for energy sustainability. Here are some of the reasons why renewable energy has replaced traditional energy.

1. Constant Availability

You will always have power when you use solar energy. If you want an uninterrupted power supply, consider this alternate form of energy generating.

This feature is one of the reasons why the globe is becoming more interested in solar energy. Texas wouldn't have experienced a power failure if its electricity had been generated by solar panels.

2. Save Money

Because of the power outages in Texas and other states, the amount of money needed to maintain the grid steady has skyrocketed. When the power is off, users must provide their own electricity using more expensive methods.

3. Decrease Pollution

People are taking steps to limit their carbon footprints in a world where global warming increases by the day. Renewable energy is a component of their plan. Renewable energy does not release carbon, which helps to reduce environmental carbon emissions.

4. Reduces energy costs

Solar panels contribute to energy savings for every family and business that uses a utility provider for electricity, bringing in a 50% reduction in electric expenditures.

Solar energy from the sun is used to create power when commercial solar businesses install solar panels in your house. Solar energy is free and will save you thousands of dollars in electricity expenditures in the long term.

The only time solar energy cannot be used is during the night or during thunderstorms, but you may utilize electric company electricity as a backup.

5. Regular Electric Costs

Utility companies rely largely on fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, and oil to create energy that powers houses throughout an area. The prices of various fossil fuels fluctuate continuously in the market. As a result, homeowners may expect their power bills to climb over time.

With a solar utility-scale system, you won't have to worry about rising power expenses. You will not be charged by your utility provider for the power you generate using solar energy.

In Conclusion

With the Texas power outage and other power failures across the world, public awareness of solar panels as a source of electricity generation and a feasible energy management system is expanding. There are several advantages of using renewable solar energy.

The power failures in Texas demonstrate to the world why solar energy is the future of renewable energy sources.

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