July 19

How to Reduce Electricity Bill Costs


Really, solar energy isn't that complicated. However, consumers were never able to understand why solar power systems ought to be a preferable option. Where do we obtain the answers to our valid questions about the viability of employing solar panels?

Home solar panels seem to be a pretty excellent solution for that if the price is affordable. 

  • How much money can we really save in total? 
  • How does solar energy affect the value of my home?
  • When the sun isn't shining, do the solar panels still generate electricity?
  • Which solar installer should we pick?
  • What are the advantages of solar energy for the environment is maybe the question that is asked the least.

We understand all of your worries, and we want to give you definite answers. Let's concentrate on one of the often asked questions today:
How Does Solar PV Help to Decrease My Electricity Bill?

Net Energy Metering (NEM Rakyat) Protects Your Budget

Solar power systems are designed to generate electricity during the day ( as long as the sun shines, which is almost every day in Malaysia). Currently, solar-generated electricity will be used first, any unused or extra energy will be exported to the grid under Net Energy Metering program.

As a result, when darkness falls, electricity is either drawn from the grid of the extra solar energy generated during day time or drawn from the grid in case additional power is required. It will reduce our monthly electricity expense as it is from the grid.

Will it be used up? Do not worry. Pure electricity produced by solar power systems is always used before grid electricity. If additional power is required, grid power will be sourced.

Size Is Important

The more power your solar power system generates for your building, the more money you can save. This is directly proportional to the size of the system. Therefore, it's crucial to pick a system that can handle your power usage. In fact, it minimises your long-term financial commitment while increasing your ROI.

The secret to saving money is to comprehend your consumption patterns and establish a system that works for the size of your property. Not only does it significantly lower your property's operating costs, but you also get to contribute to creating a greener future for future generations.

For many consumers, this is typically a laborious procedure. Fortunately, Vestech Energy is prepared to help you professionally in every manner, from the consultation to the installation, at every stage.
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